“Aldo Hollywood McCoy” The Next Tony Soprano

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First off let me start by telling you about  Aldo McCoy, who spent most of his life in New Jersey. He is a self-made entrepreneur, talent scout a literal superman of business. He can do it all actor, writer and classic auto restoration specialist, Aldo is a man of many talents, who also happens to own his own business for Corvettes and muscle cars alike, Coast Transmission and Performance located in Toms River, New Jersey. Aldo is a charming individual who also used to run nightclubs and was known as “Hollywood” for his sharp look and composure by his friends and customers. The name has stuck with him over the years.

After talking with Aldo McCoy I have to say he is one a one of a kind guy. There something about him that makes you automatically like him right off the bat. “Mr. Hollywood” I have to say the name fits if he were a cartoon you would see him sparkle and shine brighter then those around him. I could tell family and friends mean the world to him by the way he spoke. From 1994 to 2004, Aldo spent his time caring for his ill mother, Dolores McCoy, in her home. During that time, Aldo missed out on many movie, television and entertainment opportunities, taking over the responsibilities of paying both the household and medical care bills for his mother.

Aldo’s passion for acting came early on in life when he got to meet a classic movie actor who was friends with his mother, which is how he came to know the actor known as Tony Soprano. Aldo’s has numerous hobbies including being a classic car enthusiast, belonging to the Corvette Club, Aldo tells TalentRaters he owns 13 Corvettes of his own, which is very impressive and shows just how much of a car enthusiast he truly is, he enjoys watching football, dancing both as a hobby and in competition, traveling when he can, antiquing, and wine tasting. Aldo was also a professional drag racer in the 80’s and early 90’s.

Aldo joined the TR magazine also known as  TalentRaters to work with CEO, Joseph Bennett. “Aldo “Hollywood McCoy” as I have come to know him by, is a superman of business Aldo has brought in many artists. He scouts talent for TalentRaters, bringing in contracts from all over and helping develop new talent in each new edition of the magazine. He wants you to be the best you can be and believes your capable of achieving your dreams! If you can dream it you can achieve it let TR bring that dream to life.

by Courtney Gadry and Fonda J. Kerr

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