Inspiring Story of Actress Janet Miranda

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I have had many struggles in my life as I am sure many of us do. Those struggles help us tell a story to others. I think many can relate to the struggles of parenthood, trying to make a living in NYC, raising kids, getting divorced, being a single parent, etc. Many people have had to struggle and many of us find ways to overcome these things. I remember moving out of my home when I seperated from my ex husband, and sleeping on the floor for six months in my apartment because I did not have the money to get a bed. I remember eating once a day because I only had enough money to feed my kids and pay my rent. Not many knew my struggle cause my kids had everything. I worked day and night and weekends to ensure that. I loved hosting cable television shows several weekends a month to get by as well.  I remember the struggles of crying myself to sleep thinking is this all that life has to offer and not having much of a personal life at all. Although I love my work, everyone needs love.

I also remember the journey and all the good times that made me who I am today. I can say this, life is what you make it so I decided to keep pushing and against all odds I acted, I produced, I started a production, I wrote a book, I modeled, I hosted television all while working a full time job, running a house hold and taking care of kids.

I do it and so can you.  My struggles made me push harder. While people were sleeping I was working.  There was no down time. I pushed 14 – 16 hour wok days and still making time to work out my body several times a week. After work and after taking care of my kids, I would submit myself for parts, or sit down and do more work. I would do a lot of homework on my parts, my characters, I would meditate, and live some of my life experiences.

I applied all of my suffering and my life experience to my work. I stored my memories into the banks of my mind and my technique allow me to recall them when needed.

I am so grateful. I can see the chipped nail polish on my grandmothers fingers while she laid on her death bed, I can smell the french fries in her home when I visited, I can see my first apartment, and I can feel the butterflies in my stomach when I first saw the love of my life. This is all recalled through sense memory. I am super grateful my technique has given that to me.

I want to thank the Universe for this wonderful opportunity and there are a lot of people to thank in the making of Janet Miranda. I want to thank my parents, my family and friends for putting up with me, my teachers, my supporters and my inspirations for being there even when I am most impossible. I want to thank my colleagues and my manager, JT.  I want to thank my fans for never giving up on me and for staying close by during my journey.  I want to thank Angela Rago for the amazing illustrations in Hyper Harley (my children’s book). I want to thank everyone who has worked with me on projects, films and stage. I want to thank those special people who help me with my lines and let me read my work to you over and over until it is perfected. I appreciate you; you know who you are. I want to thank those who love me, and my love.  I also want to give a special thanks to Joe Bennett of TalentRaters, record labels, management, family, friends, family, fans, and supporters.

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