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Welcome to TR magazine, we had the privilege of interviewing Sean A. Kaufman about his life, career, and hobbies. Sean A. Kaufman told me he grew up devouring the Harry Potter books and the Inheritance Cycle and I love Studio Ghibli/Hayao Miyazaki movies, Howl’s Moving Castle, Spirited Away, etc.  Sean also grew up playing Mario and he started tutoring kids in 2014 teaching them Privately- anything- math/sciences/English. Pretty much anything up through high school as needed depending on the student.

Sean Kaufman has been acting for five years he told us about his first performance which was during his freshman Fall semester in high school where he played an evil Russian scientist who was bent on destroying superhero DNA for the use of programming a super army at his command bent on world domination.

As much as Sean loved acting even as a child, it wasn’t until his college production of David Ives’s “The Liar” that he knew acting was his true calling.  Sean Kaufman was playing Geronte, an old man, father of the main character, who only wanted to become a grandpa. During the cast party, the Music Director asked Sean Kaufman if he’d considered a life in the theater because he thought he was made for it. So, Sean wanted to thank Jamie and Joel: for the confidence, they fostered in him!

Sean’s Kaufman told TR Magazine about his greatest achievements Sean told us leading in R&F Entertainment’s “Maturing Youth” is indeed his highest achievement! It was the first thing he auditioned for after graduating from The Maggie Flanigan Studio and there he was: cast in the leading role of a great short film!  Working on “Maturing Youth” has felt special every step of the way, from rehearsals to post-production, but particularly during principal photography. As the lead role in a forty-page long film with only three days to shoot, he originally thought there might be a bit of pressure to do his best, but the entire crew and cast worked together so seamlessly that it felt very right.  He told us: They truly were all part of a well-oiled machine.

by Fonda J. Kerr

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