Stafford Chavis: Everything he does is a win!

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A passionate actor with drive!

Starting his life from humble beginnings with a single mother who adopted and fostered ten crack-addicted children and struggled to feed the family at times, Stafford Chavis knew early on that he was going to achieve, and to do so from a place of humility and inner strength.  She always told him, “You are a small piece of leather but well put together”.

It was not clear until later in life, however, that Stafford would find his calling as an actor.  Always enjoying a good debate with his five siblings, he initially figured that he would pursue a career in criminal law, which he studied at John Jay College.  He was also a talented athlete in track before enrolling in Football College at Temple University, and later was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles for a two-year pro football career.  An injury, along with financial need to assist his mother, led Stafford back to New York City with the New York Police Department, rising from patrolman to 3rd-grade detective working with specialty units.

Ironically, it was there, by the urging of a fellow officer who insisted that Stafford has missed his calling in acting and that he had a fantastic voice, that this passion began to emerge.  A fellow officer, in an effort to date a Hollywood producer, had asked that he take a role as a bouncer in a feature film called Anne B. Real, and it ended up winning the BlockBuster Award, beating out rapper Eminem’ s film,Mile.  From there, two additional background roles led to an Emmy Award for his performance in the pilot series (The Affair) and a much larger, feature role in the huge hit Dark Night Rises.  He is looking forward to taking the stage to accept his Oscar someday.

-Shelby Stone

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