TANUJA BENNI Shares Her Experiences in The Industry

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Being new in any field could be overwhelming and scary, which is why TalentRaters is here to share the experiences of stars who made it through the tough road and achieved something. The stars who are struggling, so other newbies can learn from their experiences, past or new. Hereby, presenting Tanuja Benni; alternate ego, Tan Benni all the way from Guyana South America, now a dweller of New Jersey.

Tan started acting in September 2017 and has gained experience from being in front of a camera through TV and YouTube hosting for about 5 years.  The incredible thing is that she did not go to any acting school. She was born with it and worked on herself to make her better. However, she plans on working with an experienced acting coach in the near future to guide her.  The plan involves meeting the acting coach Bobbie Shaw Chance in California in the near future to get advice from con air actor Renoly Santiago whom she recently had the pleasure of meeting through John Thomas.

Tan’s achievements as an actor:
Featured Extra – Clinton Road
Featured Extra – Bare Knuckle Brawlers
Featured Extra – IRA
Plantation Owner – Cracka
Lead female – paradise music video 
NBC The Voice Cameo

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4 Replies to “TANUJA BENNI Shares Her Experiences in The Industry”

  1. Tanuja Benni I follow you on a journey Modeling .TV Host. Video many Artist. ITV Indian Television .Magazines provide informations to those who face daily challenges. normal Citizens in Guyana.. And now you take your Talent to a higher stage ,which I as a Guyanese proud and not surprise the Talent and star for the fugure.Good luck touch the skies is yours. Sincere Mohamed Khan….

  2. You very well deserve this congrats for your hard work and dedication. Congratulations on your success. I am very proud of you.

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