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by Keana Blase

An extraordinary artist with unexplainable inner talent, the man behind the attractive drawings and paintings was named after Jonah Agustin Gray. Jonah is an astonishing artist born on October 03, 1979 and currently living in Grossenlueder Germany.

He has been an aspiring artist since he was a child; surprisingly he finished his first picture at the age of 3.

Jonah is a freelancing artist who draws, paints, and illustrates creative and unique art works with distinct sense.  His style and art meanings are quite versatile. He paints wonderful fantasy landscapes with action illustrations, such as martial arts. Jonah fabricates paintings completely with watercolors, or pencil sketches, to pencil sketch illustrations, scanned and colorized completely at the computer.

He is a self-taught artist, for years he created his own style and improved it himself. Apparently, he never went to a university for art or received any formal training but he creates ideal works of art. He did try to apply in Cassell Fine Arts School to study illustration, but unfortunately was not accepted. Instead of being discourage Jonah become more attentive to his talent. This allows him to gets more firm and created new paintings to advance his style.

For years, he has done many meaningful and inspiring paintings that contributes creative features in to the world of art. Jonah’s collection includes the following:

J.Gray’s Dream Sequence (2010),  Flower Power (2016), Four Elements (2010),  Hearts (2016),  Zen Pictures (2011),  Reiki Hands (2016),  Zen Pictures II (2012), The Power of Karate-Do (2017),  Easter Impressions (2013),  Tropical Birds (2017),  Artwork on Photos (2014), The Spirit of Asia (2017), The Power of Martial Arts (2014), Magic Woman (2018),  Flower Greetings (2015),  The Spirit of Asia, II (2018)

His works can be found in several stock agencies, such as Dreamstime, Panthermedia or 123rf, also on social media and networking sites.

Moreover, Jonah also loves to take long nature walks, especially in the forests because it gives him new inspirations for his work. He also loves listening to chill out music specifically music by Café del Mar.

He is a person who doesn’t want to fix himself in only one medium. Seemingly, he shows his first experiences in creating animated videos. Jonah often has visions, which inspire me to create paintings, similar to the wonderful Angel artwork which he created in 2012 that is also feature in this TR MAGAZINE Online Publication.

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