“Mindset X, the Famous Band on the Run”

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Hailing from the Manchester, New Hampshire, United States of America is a famous band named Mindset X. This band is comprises of hot magnetic rock stars such as Steve Haidaichuk (Lead Vocalist and Guitar), Paul Davidson (Bass, Keys, and Backing Vocals), Adam Cote (Drums), and Lucian Davidson (Guitar).

Mindset X is an Avant-Garde Rock n’ Roll band since 2006 with a progressive twist that delivers a  blend of intellectually lyrical and powerfully driven songs, the kind of music that makes a statement and invites thought, all while providing some serious thump for the body and soul. This band creates a brand of alternative and mainstream rock. Their music is designed to promote self-realization, self-determination and within the music itself, there is plenty of diversity to please fans in many different genres; from alternative rock, heavy metal to progressive rock, from head bangers to ballad lovers and everything in between.

The Mindset X has been a popular band for almost 20 years until now but the members hope to have a larger fan base and touring to support a new release for the next five years.

Eventually, they released there first debut album “Physics” on the hard rock label at Rat Pak Records. The album was well received and sooner the band was opened to acts such as Days of the New and Sevendust. The band continued to work over the next years and got released “Thread”, the heavier “As Seen on TV.” Continuous touring around New England has gained the band a reputation as one of the hardest working acts in the area.

“You will get beat down and kicked again and again. Keep getting back up and most importantly – stay true to your self and vision”, by the Mindset X Band, leaving a motivational advice to aspiring music lovers.

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