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Over the years we have seen many talented families work together as one cohesive force. Examples are the Jackson 5, The Bee Gees, Pantera and many others. This would be the case with the Sarantakos family. The three brothers of the family Costa, Criss Angel and JD are all multi-talented individuals. JD the oldest has been involved with music since he was a child. The same can be said for Costa. Criss on the other hand played drums but was drawn to magic. Through hard work, and determination  made him a Global sensation.

JD, as a young boy once saw Elvis Presley on TV and was so enthralled by him that he rushed to his grandmother and declared that he wanted to be just like him. Well JD did not disappoint. He would soon learn to play the guitar, as well as  other multiple instruments. Not only did he write the music and lyrics for over 200 original songs, he played and performed all over Long Island, NY and other states.The first song he wrote was when he was fourteen, recorded when he was fifteen and recorded his first album at 18, a huge feat for a young man. Since then he has opened four music stores and schools that combined had over 1,000 students a week in the Long Island area. He has also devoted his knowledge to managing other major acts and performing with them on tours.

At the same time he was working on music he along with other family members decided to help his brother, Criss Angel with his endeavor. JD’s title was VP of merchandising for the Hit A&E  TV series “Mindfreak” that became a blockbuster. Currently the Brand Criss Angel “Mindfreak” has over 1,000 items that are sold in 45,000 stores worldwide.

Yet music and magic were not the only things he dabbled in. JD is an avid classic car lover and has hosted many car show’s across the country. He currently owns over a couple dozen classic muscle cars. His fixation with cars was initiated years ago during his high school years after his brother Costa saw a photo of a 1969 Motion Corvette stingray on a front cover of a car magazine and told JD about it. JD quickly ran to his father to show him the car magazine.  His father took him to see the car and surprised JD when he purchased it for him as an incentive to do well in high school. Today over 35 years later JD has it sitting in his garage completely restored the same way he got it from his parents.  JD has gone on to showcase muscle cars at shows and currently formed a company called “Americas Garage”. It is the only company that is tied into the American Muscle cars as a commodity.

“My favorite car of all time is the 1969 Motion Corvette Stingray and not for its dollar value but its sentimental value.”

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