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New Jersey’s Bad Boy Mike Marino

TalentRaters is thrilled to be featuring long time funny man Mike Marino in the December 2017 Special “Wise Guys” Christmas Edition of TR MAGAZINE scheduled to release in the first week of December 2017.  Mike has performed all over the world and in every major comic club and venue in the United States.  In a nut shell Mike sums his comedic career as such, “I was a kid from Jersey.  Took some acting lessons in New York.  Got a national Soda Commercial right away.  Moved to California.  Got into Comedy.  Now I have fans all over the world.”

One of the most amazing things a person can do is bring joy to another, make them smile, or in Mike’s case make them laugh out loud until they actually pee themselves.  Yes, comedy is a true gift that many do not possess, but those that do have the ability to heal the masses in an instant.

I recall seeing Mike at a local South Jersey venue a few years back and it was my first time seeing him live.  Ok, it was my first time seeing him period, but I remember laughing so hard that my head started to feel light as if I was on the verge of blacking out from laughter.  All in all, it was a wonderful experience, and I left the venue feeling really good and happy which was nice because my day prior was full of stress.

To prove my point on just how funny Mike is we have a special video clip for all of you.  To view his hilarious video, The Italian President, click here.  Order magazines online at https://trmagz.com/

Look for Mike’s exclusive article in the December 2017 Special “Wise Guys” Christmas Edition of TR MAGAZINE, written by Aiza Chaudry.

Also find Mike on Facebook,  and don’t fuhget to check out his IMDB page.

by Joseph C. Bennett


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