Vinny Vella’s a “GoodFella”

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 Vinny Vella Graces the cover of TR magazine

TalentRaters is proud to bring forth the man who made everyone laugh!
Born on January 11, 1947, and hailing from Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village New York City, Vinny Frank Vella is an American actor, a comedian, and a talk show host. His father happens to be from Bari, Italy and owned a fish store in Little Italy while his mother belongs to Naples, Italy.  He is wedded to Margaret Ann Hernandez and they have a son known to be the Vincent Vella, Jr.

What is life without experiences? Vinny’s life is full of experiences, you may have heard and it’s absolutely true, Vinny Vella was once upon a time elected as the Mayor of Elizabeth Street. His achievements do not just end here, in 2007 he opened his own pizzeria in Williamsburg; the neighborhood in the New York City borough of Brooklyn.

Speaking of his career, this man’s accomplishment list is longer than an average person’s lifespan. Most of you probably know him for his role of Artie Piscano in Martin Scorsese’s Casino. Vinny is best known for being the subject of a 67-minute documentary Hey, Vinny directed by John Huba released in 2000. This dynamic documentary shows the life and times of Vinny Vella, highlighting the charismatic and lovable character of Vinny’s days as the mayor of Elizabeth Street.

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Vinny is universally known for playing the role of Jimmy Petrille on the HBO show The Sopranos. He’s also popularly known to be a host of a public-access television cable TV show on MNN, the Vinny Vella Show. A Quick Look At Vinny’s Partial filmography

Vella’s films include:


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