Let’s Dance Gracefully with Maria Khoreva

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by Keana Blasé

Maria Khoreva was an 18 years old young Russian ballerina born in St. Peterburg, Russia. She was known for her astonishing skills and great technique for over 8 years.

She started doing rhythmic gymnastics at the age of 3 up to the age of 9 when she got accepted to Vaganova ballet academy. She also did piano lessons from 4 to 13 years old quite successfully and was a winner of international piano competitions but it was her teacher told her that playing piano is not the best profession to earn the money so she decided to choose ballet dancing. After half a year at Vaganova academy her teacher moved her to the center of the barre, where she realized that doing everyday ballet exercises brings her joy and excitement and makes her feel that she wants to run to the ballet class to master it further.

Apparently, she was once injured considering as an inevitable attribute of a ballet dancer’s life. And it comes to the point where she feel terrible imagining the threat of giving up her favorite thing, ballet but because of her passion in ballet dancing she go back, catch up and become a great ballet dancer with the help of her influences, her beloved family where she get full support and inspiration. And her younger sister who is now following her stepping stone.

Maria started her big break when she first launched her Instagram account 5 years ago, where she started posting her everyday routine in ballet class, got great approval and support realizing that what she was doing inspires many people around the world.

Maria advices all the aspiring ballet dancers to go into everyday ballet classes at the young age to be able to master ballet skills while at school and master the artistry at the theatre.

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