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Johnny Potenza is host & producer of The Late Night with Johnny P Show, and is also a drummer in the music scene for many years. His band, Bands as Barrage, NYB “None of Your Business, Unmasked, Damage Inc., The Same, Cherry Pistol.

Of course we’ve heard of Carson, Leno, Fallon, Letterman, but there is another very talented late night host, airing from Staten Island, that we all need to pay attention to.  He is none other than Johnny Potenza.  He brings true wit, humor, poise, and a bit of Italian swag to the table and is very well spoken.  Johnny is also known for his great personality and is approaching his season finale on December 7th of 2017 to close out his 10th season.  Never fear Johnny’s not going anywhere.  He’s just taking some time off and will return in the fall of 2018 with his new show “Up Late with Johnny Potenza”.

Johnny’s awards include:

  • 2001 CTV Nova Award Winner for “Best Music” Show “The Gangsters Of Rock”
  • 2013 & 14 CTV Nova Award Winner for “Best Entertainment” Show
    for Late Night With Johnny P
    (Both shows produced by Johnny P)

TalentRaters is delighted to be featuring Johnny in the December 2017 Special “Wise Guys” Christmas Edition of TR MAGAZINE, one of the hot celebrity magazines. This issue is scheduled to release on December 1, 2017. Look for his exclusive article entitled, ONE OF A KIND TALK SHOW HOST JOHNNY P REVING UP FOR COMEBACK SHOW, written by author Nick Christophers.  We are excited about this issue featuring long time actor, Vinny Vella, known for his roles in the movie ”Casino” and hit TV series “The Sopranos”.  This issue is expected to be a special collector’s edition commemorating the life and accomplishments of this prized actor.

Air times for the Johnny P Show in the East & West coast (as of 2017 Spectrum took over Time Warner cable) are as follows:

1-Staten Island / CTV-Thursday11pm ch 35 on Fios Verison & Spectrum 11pm ch 79 ( Formally Time Warner Cable)
2-Brooklyn / B Cat-Thursday 12am ch44 Fios Verizon, ch 56 Spectrum , ch 69 Cablevison
3-Manhatten / MNN-Tuesday 12:30am Verizon Fios ch 36, ch 67 Spectrum, RCN ch 85
4-Queens / QPTV-Airs random times (waitng on set series)
Check your Queens cable tv guide.
5-Bronx / Bronxnet- Airs random times (waiting on set series)
Check your Bronx cable tv guide.

Los Angeles, California
LA36 Friday 12am ch 36

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To watch full episodes of the show, go to

by Joseph C. Bennett

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  1. Johnny, it’s been a pleasure to getting to know you over the past few months. You are a great TV host and and all around great person. We truly appreciate your support of TalentRaters and TR MAGAZINE and I personally look forward to being present at your season 10 finale on December 10th in Staten Island.

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