The Amazing Italian Guitarist, Vanny Tonon

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Italian composer and guitar player Vanny Tonon was born in Vittorio Veneto, Italy on July 10, 1990.  At the age of six-years-old Vanny began playing guitar, his father is also a guitar player. By the age of just 14-years-old, Vanny really felt he wanted to be a musician and he decided to spend hours upon hours studying and practicing to master his craft. He graduated from the local conservatory in jazz guitar. He now lives in Sarmede, a province of Veneto, Italy.

In 2012, Tonon won a Guinness World Record for fastest guitar player at “Lo show dei record”, which is an Italian national television show. In 2014, Vanny won an important guitar contest called “Maf” as well. He went on to play with one of his biggest influences, Jennifer Batten in both 2014 and 2017. He released his first album called “The Tourist of Love” featuring Jennifer Batten in 2017.

Since 2010, Vanny Tonon has gone on to play in both Italian national and international guitar festivals and this year he went on to play with Will Hunt on Invasion Tour 2018. Vanny is also an ambassador for Eventide, which is his favorite brand of guitar effects.

When Vanny isn’t playing guitar, he likes to take walks and enjoys nature. Vanny tells TalentRaters that his biggest achievement to date is when he got to play the famous “Flight of the Bumblebee” on national television.

Tonon also tells TalentRaters while Jennifer Batten is a huge influence to him, his biggest influence currently is John 5 and he also admires others such as Greg Howe, Tom Quayle and Adrian Belew. One day he would like to play in a setting such as a stadium or a venue with a good mood and relaxing lights. When on stage performing, Vanny says he gets very excited and that music is his way to express himself.

Vanny’s advice to other aspiring musicians is “be yourself and work hard”. He says that Zappa, referring to Frank Zappa, a famous composer and musician who passed away in the early 90’s, said “don’t stop, keep going”.

You can find Vanny on several platforms such as Instagram and Youtube. Watching Vanny Tonon on Youtube, you can really see how much he truly loves the guitar, you see several guitars in the background and the way he handles his instrument speaks volumes of his love for his music and the songs he composes. You can also see how he interacts with the crowd and enjoys every minute on stage, full of life and excitement.

By: Courtney Gadry

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