Listen the story of thrash metal band Injury

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Injury is simply awesome — there are two ways about it. They can not only sing well but also know the magic of combining various various metals successfully.

The band consists of four members that are following:

Alessandro Rabitti – Voice, Simone Petrone – Guitar, Andrea Pollastri –Drum, Mirco Bennati – Bass

They are in the music industry from ten years that consists of music, lots of fun and trouble moments, and concerts. Now they are ready to rock the stage for their audience. They are located in a city named Reggio Emilia in the north of Italy.

They are basically a thrash metal band combined with other kind of metal such as blast beat and breakdown etc.

The project started back in 2007 but saw some changes in terms of members but now they are pretty well from one year. The real injury band was born in 2008 and in the coming years they were ready to rock the stage.

The band was made basically from the collaboration of four musicians. Many people joined us and left after some time but we still enjoy concerts together. Therefore Mirco, bass player is the only original member of this band.

we made 2 albums, Unleash the Violence on 2011, Dominate on 2014 and 1 EP out last october entitled Wreckage

The thing that sets them apart from the other band is that they combine groove, fast riffs and hardcore attitude together.

The band gives preference to crowd more than the location. No location matters for them as they look for a fun loving crowd that enjoys their music.

They all are friends and if someone is new then they know each other better when they play music together. They love all of their song due to the energy and hidden story behind them. Their goal in the music industry is to play more and more and get so many new fans.

They have signed with an Italian label Volcano Records and they are very happy with the way they both are working together.

According to them everyone in this world can do everything. You can make great music but the only thing that people want to listen to it or not.

In the end they said that, “Thanks to Joe Bennet, Volcano Records, all our fans, family and friends for the never ending support!”

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