If Your Heart Has Wings, It Needs to Fly

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Sometimes the echoes of our parents’ voices deter us from our dreams, and sometimes they propel us to succeed in spite of them.

In the case of Justyna “Justy” Ruszczyk, a multitalented artist working in primarily modeling and acting at this time, it was the latter.  Her father used to declare to her “You will not be a starving artist,” and ironically, he was absolutely correct; though correct because she would “make it,” not because she would trade her aspirations and passions for a more “stable and secure” line of work.

“Success comes right after that last jump of fear that you have,” Justyna says, “So what are you waiting for? Take a leap of faith and go for what you love.”  She has practiced this advice as much as she tells it to others, and in her case it seems to resonate with sincerity and passion, born out of personal challenges and wisdom beyond her years.  Both of Justyna’s parents passed away when she was eighteen years old, and rather than throwing the towel in or denying herself of a life they did not endorse, she only grew evermore passionate about making the most of her time here and living happily. Challenged again in an abusive marriage years ago that has led to raising her daughter alone, she has still remained committed as ever to her artistic career.

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