The Beautiful, Talented and Dangerous Anita Clay

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Hello to all my favorite TR Magazine readers this month I want to tell you about a woman whose name should spell out DANGEROUS… She is an actress, model, scriptwriter, songwriter, director, and producer. I am thrilled to have the privilege of introducing you all to Anita Clay.

Originally from Colorado Springs, CO, Anita Clay has been acting since the age of fourteen though she has professionally been acting for almost seven years. She got her acting base in New York she now resided in Los Angeles, CA, after high school she was accepted into The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in Manhattan, NY. From there she trained in private classes around the city.

Anita Clay found her passion at three years old from singing and found out she had a natural talent. She was raised in a very close family which was full of uncles, aunts and a lot of cousins. Anita had lots of friends growing up in Colorado Springs. At the age of eleven Anita her mom, little brother moved to Junction City, KS when she was eleven and at twelve she started to take her abilities seriously when she began voice and music lessons. At fifteen, she realized her thirst for acting and she began to train and perform around town. She has a hunger that drives her to her destiny. She continues to work on herself, honing her craft and creativity.

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Anita Clay was said her favorite skill would have to be singing because it is very personal to her and a wonderful way of expressing herself through song. Anita Clay began writing when she decided her desire to create her own content.  She wrote her first short in 2010 and continues writing her own songs and screenplays. We asked Anita Clay if she wanted to tell us anything else Anita’s reply to us was: I feel very honored to be considered for your publication! We at TR want to thank all of our artists for supporting one of the best talent magazines available you can buy TR Magazines online!

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