Creed II, The Torch has Officially Been Passed

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Ding! Ding! The torch is officially passed in Creed II! An emotional an inspirational movie that has and continues to be the trademark of the Rocky movies!

It was an honor for me, Owner of TalentRaters®, to watch and review this movie.  Slyvester Stallone has been my movie hero since I was just a very young lad and he continues to wow and inspire me with his work to this day.

In my generation a special movie series called Rocky inspired and touched the hearts of all. However, in present day, the torch has officially been passed to Adonis Creed played by Michael B. Jordan who is the new boxing hope.

Michael B. Jordon does a beautiful job portraying the son of the former heavyweight champion, The Master of Disaster, Apollo Creed.  Adonis shows us all the new meaning of heart, determination, strength, and will.  Seeing Sylvester Stallone older now, it’s obvious that he is playing the role that his once beloved trainer Mickey, Burgess Merideth, played for him.  Of course we saw this happening as far back as Rocky V when he decided to train the big bruiser, Tommy Gunn, played by Tommy Morrison.  Sadly, that bond turned out to be bittersweet as Gunn betrayed Rocky for false glory.

In Creed I and II, we have the beautiful pairing between trainer and athlete again.  It shows us the impact that the right people have in our lives.  When Rocky trains Adonis and stands in his corner, he is a force to recon with.  Unstoppable!

In Creed II, I honestly found myself saying, “Oh boy it looks like we have a bit of a repeat of Rocky III and IV here!”  With that said, the movie had distinct differences to those earlier movies and was very entertaining and compelling.  This time Adonis pairs off with Victor Drago, the son of the man, Ivan, that killed his father Apollo.  Victor, as Mickey would have said it is a wrecking machine.  In this face off Victor has nothing to lose but Adonis has everything to lose!

Please be sure to to take the family out to see this movie.  It’s well worth it.  At very least, make sure you buy or rent the Creed II DVD.  I have been a Rocky fan my entire life and I can’t give this movie anything less than 5 stars!!!!!

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