TalentRaters Venom Review

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By Joseph C. Bennett

Last November 10, 2018 at 5:20 PM, I watched the movie Venom with my son Joseph. I went to the movie thinking I really wasn’t sure if the movie was going to be that good. Many other reviews were negative stating that the movie wasn’t that good with Tom Hardy being the only saving grace.  I, on the other hand, found the movie to be excellent and was thoroughly impressed.  The movie had humor, suspense, and there was lots of great action. Although many of the critics found the movie Venom portrayal of the Marvel character to be disappointing, I viewed the movie with an open mind considering the CGI graphics necessary to pull it off.

I consider myself to be a big movie buff, having scene pretty much everything out there and personally found the movie to be highly entertaining. The special effects were fantastic and Tom Hardy was phenomenal, he really nailed his role. I found Venom to be a brilliant action movie and the amazing action scenes keep you on the edge of your seat. Not knowing the venom comic book intimately, I assumed that it would be a very villainous portrayal, but I found myself liking the venom alien and finding him cool and sympathetic. Also, Eddie Brock’s (Harding) love interest Anne Weying, played by supporting actress Michelle Williams was also incredible. Again, other reviews stated that the villain, Riot, who becomes a symbiont with Carlton Drake played by actor Riz Ahmed, was not very good but I disagree.  The villain symbiont alien, Riot, was excellent! With the recent passing of Marvel superhero/unhero creator Stan Lee, it was nice to say that I saw his last official cameo in the movie.I was really surprised, so I give 5 TR golden stars to the Venom movie. As far as my 7 year old son Joseph goes, he was wide eyed for the whole movie and absolutely loved it.  It really captured his imagination and isn’t that what the super hero fantasy genre is all about? Venom is an electrifying action movie that you really need to see it.  If Venom is still playing in the movie theater, then I highly recommend doing so.  Otherwise, be sure to rent or purchase the DVD when it comes out.

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