Black Water Rising: The Band you need to know!

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The band that is rising up!

Today, we here at TalentRaters are excited to introduce you all to Hard Rock band, Black Water Rising. BWR is a band founded in Brooklyn, a borough in NYC responsible for the birth and upbringing of in numerous musical and artistic personages. They first began their journey into Rock stardom back in 2007. At the time, guitarist Rob Traynor was coming from another band, Dust to Dust. During Rob’s time off he chose to focus on culminating his creative artistry, ultimately propagating the seeds of what would later become BWR. Once he had a few songs he came into contact with his long-standing friend and drummer, Mike Meselsohn. Needless to say, the magic was there, and they soon welcomed fellow band members Oddie McLaughlin, bass player and bringer of thunder, and Dennis Kimak, lead guitarist and resident shredder. Everything from then on is history, in the ten years they have been together they have released three different albums and have performed in dozens of venues all across the country.

For BWR Inspiration comes from the world we live in. They strive to make music to which we as listeners can relate to, and they hope that it incites feelings of defiance in us. To defy crooked governments, greedy corporations, and twisted religions. To defy institutions which hope to impinge on your freedoms and abuse you, that is the message which BWR hopes their music carries. As for their goals in the industry, they simply want to live in the moment and enjoy the music. Fame and wealth would be nice, but what they really want is to continue making their music for the people who enjoy it.

If you are interested in following Black Water Rising, their newest album ‘Electrified’ is now available on iTunes, Best Buy, and Amazon. The album’s first single ‘Payback’ can be found on Youtube, where it sports a rockin’ horror-themed music video. If you like what you hear, take a look at their website, they’ll keep you updated on any tours or performances they will be doing there.

-Matthew Osorio

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