Bryan James’ Older Style of Country Music

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 “That day when a young girl came up and told me that my song is her favorite and that I had surpassed Reba Mcentire as her favorite singer. I’ve done other cool things like opening up for a legend like David Allan Coe, but that statement from a child was way more than that. It was just in pure honesty” – Bryan James

Originally from Killeen, Texas, Bryan James is a songwriter with a passion for the older style of country music played by legends like Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and Hank Williams Jr. It’s the story telling aspect of a song that makes him smile the most. There’s something about being able to close your eyes and have a song put you right in the middle of it. Those are the kinds of songs that bring back memories, take you to places and remind you of where you’ve been.

Bryan James considered songwriting as his lifesaver.  His parents split when he was very young and his mom remarried a man who was in the Army. From the time he can actually remember, they were moving every 3-4 years. While this kind of lifestyle taught him to adapt whatever kind of environment he was in but at the same time it made him “cold” emotionally.

“You never let anyone get too close to you because you know either you or them are going to leave soon”.

Songwriting was the outlet to let go of all those emotional build-up.   “I express  how I’m feeling through a song that I wrote. It doesn’t always mean that I’ve experienced the exact thing that I’ve written about, but most of the times I have somewhere along the line. There are songs I’ve written from things that I’ve seen, overheard or had someone explain to me what they’ve been through”.

What is music for Bryan James? “When you look out and see someone singing back to you with words you’ve written and you can just see it on their face that they get where you were when you wrote it, well I can’t imagine ever doing anything else with whatever time I have left on this earth! There’s something magical about music. It’s really the only real magic I’ve ever seen. It’s the one thing that can bring total strangers together to enjoy something that each has their own individual connection to, yet enjoy it on the same level”.

Bryan James New Album “Between the Devil and the Angel” is now available online. It’s now on number 8 on the Top Albums chart on Itunes for singer/songwriters. Here’s the link:

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