CHAD WESLEY “2018 Blues/R&B/Soul Entertainer of the Year” at The Josie Music Awards

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Chad Wesley was 8 years old when he started playing the guitar and there began his journey with music. 24 years later, he is now a professional singer/songwriter/guitarist and a high energy entertainer with a history of acting in plays, award show hosting, radio interviews and more. He is a guitarist by trade while having moderate performance ability on a multitude of other instrumentation.

It was from that very first moment he played his first guitar chord, that he somehow knew that nothing else in his life would ever make sense. He’s never wavered once in 24 years of pursuing his passion of performing for people who love good music. He says “Every guitar solo I play, every note that I sing, I’m reminded that its my truest passion.” . He has performed solo and with his live band upwards of 150-200 times a year for the last 10 years. When he released my first album independently, it garnered immediate attention and opened doors for me. “Validity is value in any industry. And validity doesn’t come without work ethic. Having put in years of performing and recording, I was offered a recording contract with a label in my home city that catered to my style of music.” Malaco has a rich successful history of hanging Grammy awards on their hallway walls. He immediately became exposed to a whole new plethora of resources available to better my brand and create a product with international success potential. He recently won (Jazz/Blues/Soul) Entertainer of The Year at The Josie Music Awards(the largest independent music awards show in the U.S.). It was the closing of the final chapter on his first album’s success. It came a month before the release of what will be his sophomore album.

“Compete only with the part of YOU that says you can’t achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself. Work when you’re tired. Work when you’re rested. Work when you relax. Just make sure you’re working smart and it won’t be “work” at all.”  – Chad Wesley

The new album Bluezy releases worldwide on all digital music outlets October 26th, 2018. Chad Wesley in concert at Tipitina’s in New Orleans, LA Thursday, November 15th, 2018.

On the other side of his life, he is also the husband of a successful hairstylist and father to an 11 year old football standout.  According to him he is an everyday guy who someday dreams to travel the world with his family. He love sports, wings & beer

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