Country Sensation Michelle Leigh Soon to Feature in TR MAGAZINE

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TalentRaters is pleased to feature country artist Michelle Leigh in tonight’s TR MAGAZINE blog.  Michelle has a beautiful voice with the ability to get you moving and foot stompin on the spot.  Her band is very talented and exudes pure country melodic enjoyment to their listeners.

Her album “Black Ink” is a must buy!  Michelle’s songs include:talent magazine lovers

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Michelle has a enchanting voice almost like a siren only she’s not intent on destroying but creating. Michelle was blessed with the ability to get you moving as your foot tapping with the melody before you even realize it has. We at TR Magazine want to thank Michelle Leigh for her time we are overjoyed she is a part of the TR family.

To all talent magazine lovers, please read the exclusive printed story in the printed version of TR MAGAZINE about Michelle Leigh, please visit to buy magazines online (the printed magazine is expected to release May 1, 2018).  Please note the printed story and online blog are not the same.  You may also want to check out super hot and super talented model and fashionista Mitchelle Cobb.

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