Freedom Williams, Let Freedom Ring!

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Gonna Make You Sweat

On August 19th 2018, I received a call from none other than rap and hip hop superstar Freedom Williams of the C & C Music Factory.  For those of you that do not know, C & C stands for David Cole and Robert Clivilles.  In 2010 C & C Music reformed, with Eric Kupper replacing Cole.  Original vocalist Freedom Williams acquired trademark rights to the name in 2003 and still tours under that moniker.

From the start of my interview with him to the finish, I was impressed with how laid back and cool Freedom was.  Not only that, he was extremely knowledgeable about the industry and how it has evolved over time.

Freedom and I discussed the industry then and now.  Freedom stated, “Back in the day in the 80’s and 90’s it was a creative time and easier to become famous.  If you were willing to work hard, focus, and deliver there was a strong chance you’d become a celebrity.  He went on to say, “Now we live in a whole new world where all the previously separated components of the entertainment industry are swallowed up by the internet.” Freedom also went on to say “The internet destroyed the industry.  Back then you had the automobile industry, the fashion industry, the music industry, the newspaper industry, and the television industry. Now all those industries are found on the internet and consolidated into one industry.”  We both agreed that back in the day if you wanted to buy an artist’s music you had to go to a music store or a department store, but now artists throw their music on the internet where the entire world can download them for free.  So how do artists make money these days?  They mainly make money through shows and ticket sales.

Freedom is currently having a blast on the I Love the 90’s tour sharing the stage with other familiar tr magazine saleartists such as Vanilla Ice, Salt N Pepa with Spinderella, All 4 One, Color Me Badd, Coolio, Tone Loc, Rob Base, and Young MC.  Freedom is working on new music and is adamant on continuing the genius.  When his hit song “Sweat” released, there was nothing like it and it continues to be played in sports arenas to this day having been released 27 years ago and has proven to be a song that never gets old.

I asked Freedom what separates you from other artists and he replied, “My dancing. While many rappers were also very talented, the good majority had the tendency to stand in place while laying down their lines.  I on the other hand used my advance dance skills to really work the floor during the song while captivating my audience.”  Aside from being a performing artist, Freedom is also a sound engineer with lots of break beats in his bag and loves to create new sounds and mixes.  When it comes to performing, Freedom loves it!  “Touring is a ball!”  He also tells us that “We are still in a very creative time.  It’s still a very good day and age for making music.”

TalentRaters MAGAZINE would like to thank Freedom for interviewing with us.  Please be sure to follow him in all social media and checkout his links below.

By: Joseph C. Bennett

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