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“The biggest thing is hard work and dedication. This is a tough career and the road to success is long and hard. You have to be willing to roll up your sleeves and dig through the dirt without ever losing sight of why youre doing this, and it has to be for the right reasons. Some people get lucky and doesn’t have to, but that is the absolute exception and not the rule.” – Golden words from the band Lansdowne, and indeed they are living proofs that it is never easy, but it’s the hard work that makes success taste better in the end.

This band who hails from boston, MA, New YORK and Derry, NH plays rock music and have been playing together since 2007. John Ricci who is with the vocals and Shaun Lichtensein playing guitar/vox both founded the band in 2006 with Glenn Mungo drums joining in 2007 and becoming the drummer. Finally, Josh Waterman who also plays the guitar/vox and Mike Laroche completed the group shortly after that. The band has since been consistently creating wonderful music and has even released one full length album called Blue Collar Revolver, as well as several EPs and singles.

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