Let’s Rock! Johnny Feedbak, A Die Hard Guitar Player Tells All to TalentRaters

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John Milletich AKA “Johnny Feedbak” talks to TalentRaters in an exclusive interview. Johnny tells us he was born on February 8, 1964 in Queens, New York. He says his father drove his mother in 10 inches of snow to the emergency room and he was born at 1:00AM that day and every year since there has been 10 inches of snow on the ground for his birthday.

Johnny tells TalentRaters his father worked long hours as a long shore man on the docks, and they lived across street from a deaf school called Lexington School for the Deaf. Johnny wasn’t allowed to play guitar inside the house. He worked construction with his uncle Bill for $25 an hour and he began buying guitar parts such as a distortion pedal, wah wah pedal, amps. He wanted to see how loud he could get with the guitars and get the sustainable sound of what a guitar should be. He describes his neighborhood saying there was a parking lot big enough to park 500 cars, a baseball field and Lexington School for the Deaf had an awning, staircase and at night the lights would come on and he says that was his stage for learning to play guitar by trial and error testing the loudness of the guitars.

Johnny tells TalentRaters he started getting good at guitar in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Johnny says back then you had to have a “look”, it was the glitz and glamour era. Some of his biggest influences are Jimmie Hendrix, David Bowie, David Johansson, Janis Joplin.

Ready to play at the drop of a hat, he got his nickname by being able to take Feedbak. He was well known for sounding like Jimmie Hendrix when playing The Star-Spangled Banner. Best known for the band produced by Richie Scarlet, NYB ‘None of Your Business”, which formed in 1995 out of Staten Island, New York. This band is most well-known for its cover of the song 100,000 Years by famous band, Kiss.

Johnny enjoyed his time in the music industry but also tells a tale of caution. Johnny describes how the music industry is one of the most expensive things to do and most ridiculous careers you could ever take on and that you have less than a 50% chance of “making it big”. Johnny’s advice to other aspiring musicians is to “have the patience of a saint and have some sort of backing”. He is now out of the music business and living happily married to a fiery red-head in New York state.

Written By: Courtney Gadry

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