On A Mission to Take TR to The Next Level

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Paving the Way for the Next Generation of Artists

Taking the reins Joseph C. Bennett is on a mission to take TalentRaters (TR) to the next level. Dreams can come true with hard work and dedication but for Joe, his mission is above and beyond aiding in the pursuit to bring a global community of artists, entertainers, models and actors together for exposure in receiving online support and recognition within TR MAGAZINE. The business is growing rapidly and with a secure business model and concept we need investors to help unite a community of artists and entertainers. The underlying motive and key to success is love and passion. A fuel that motivates us in fulfilling our purpose and soul mission.


As we know music is the drug we crave that encapsulating soul food which connects us to an emotionally happier place. A sacred space for our hearts to heal, for our minds to clear. It is the therapeutic medicine to reduce stress, depression, social and emotional barriers. 


This is the motivation for TalentRaters to take the talent industry to the next level. We want to move people, we want to create a family, a global phenomenon. We are in the twenty first century which means without technology we are without a future. So, with this fast-paced world we can take the entertainment industry above and beyond because everybody matters. We can create a movement, we can help aid a society that because of technology we are becoming more subdued living in a world behind virtual walls instead of human interaction. This is why we must plant the seed of growth within the TR family. We have a huge project a big vision, and a complete restructure within the TR plan.   


What would a world be like without entertainment, arts and music? A world a population of heartless compositions?


Love is the only eternal flame which moves us along our path because we are always following our heart over logic and without the melodic harmony that stabilizes our emotional state could lead us to endeavor a very dark path. 


How many people would say they don’t listen to music? A rare few maybe, but needless to say there would be more unmotivated individuals, road rage and broken hearts without the melodic harmony which heals our soul and keeps us emotionally sane whilst we endeavor throughout our Journey of life.


TR has a concept to reach out, connect, explore and promote all talent because without talent and entertainment there is no imagination and without imagination we cannot progress forward. 

Music is undeniably the fuse between our body mind and soul and it is credential that we appreciate the confidence and talent behind gifted artists. So, by listening to our favorite artists, what makes them so special to another musician that hasn’t had the opportunity in stepping into the spotlight? Is it the millions of dollars contracts, endorsements and advertising that we instantly connect to the latest track being played on the radio? Is it the latest fashion trends worn by our most popular artists and celebrities all over the latest gossip magazines which melts our hearts and puts a little fire back in our confidence? What is it that makes us, connect ourselves to artists within the entertainment industry?  

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As we are driven by emotion, of heartache pain happiness and love. We need to feel similarity like a piece of heaven is connecting with our soul, an essence of who we are and who we were born to become. Depending on our mood cycle we listen to songs, a particular voice, the lyrics a story to mirror our mood and within that we can release tension and connect on an emotional level.


So where do we find the hidden gems without Sony or Warner taking them under construction, for hard work, long hours, performances and tours. Well we don’t unless a little public exposition is announced.


TalentRaters is THE place that honors and respects, artistic talented individuals, with a commitment and mission towards giving each talent as much exposure and opportunity within the industry. Joseph Bennett director and founder of TR has endured a hard struggle a long wind of setbacks, dead ends, and missed opportunities throughout his life. Although what was always missed, burning deep inside this beautiful soul was a vision to build an empire. An empire in the pursuit to bring America’s roots back after the devastating catastrophic attacks with 911. Joe states that after the catastrophe Americans are more cautious, afraid and reclusive. Joe is reaching out with a vision in Joining hands with everybody nationally and globally. Commuting a broad network of talented artists. The vision is to bring together a community, a movement to shift a coldness and bring a warmth to the population by showcasing live community events in the aid to raise money for charitable causes with partial proceeds from TR MAGAZINE. The TR family delivers a helping hand, sense of warmth, compassion, recognition, exposure and endless possibilities and with a motivated team who are very passionate about helping a society with a goal to make dreams come true. 

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Showcasing untapped talent is within TRs reach and plan if they can find more capital to assist in their endeavors and business affairs.

Living in the shadows most of his life Joe Bennett felt the need to help the community. What came apparent in his core and soul was from an emptiness of missed opportunities and setbacks, ongoing health issues which restricted him from ever opening that door but the beautiful story was that Joe’s dream was to replace I with YOU!  It’s not about me it’s about helping the ones like me, the ones who wanted to give up because they don’t know how or who to go to, or receive a negative response from family and friends about following an unpromising career…..


As we are driven by ego and fulfilment in requiring acceptance and social status, Joe isn’t. 

Joe from 11 years of age had a dream in becoming a singer and rock star. 

“I was always living in the shadows, but at 18 years of age I saved up to buy my first drum kit. I locked myself away in the basement and I would play, but every time I was faced with people I lacked confidence and I was scared of being judged.  I never felt accepted, I always felt like I didn’t belong here and that’s what lead me to TR.”


Re-writing the script not of his Journey but correcting what came apparent from missed opportunities Joe is rediscovering himself and what lies deep inside of this angel is a healer and teacher with so much love to give. How big can TR go? A strong business plan and vision requires a bigger team of business professionals who are willing to assist with funding so that TR has more working capital to restructure and develop the platform building on their business module. 


With the right team, TR will aid in a building a greater America forming a global awareness and bringing a community together. 


How can this be done? How can one man enduring a hard road most of his life put this plan into action with  a visionary concept and pursuit to bring a global unity of talent with the mission to raise money, hold community events, live performances, create work for artists and push sales of TR MAGAZINE. 

Joe Bennett was never able to open that door for himself, but with his pain and misery and painful setbacks, of what could have been is now his own mission that he must leave a legacy. 

“Until I leave this earth I am going to put this as my no1 priority I will work three Jobs if I have too. This is my dream to help others to raise money for the poor. The suffering. The homeless and the children in Orphanages”. 


The horizon stretches far but for Joe but the mission to accomplish a broad network with proper members and directors, he needs funding and is reaching out to find potential investors that are willing to be a part of the plan. 

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“You can’t climb the ladder of success with the hands in the pockets” 

“You have to break the rules! If I can train five hours a day in body building I can do anything”

Arnold Schwarzenegger demonstrates how our minds can move us to our chosen destiny. With his famous line in The Terminator “I’ll be back”, states that after success is achieved we can build on what we have achieved. Returning and perfecting success. That’s the beauty of breaking the rules and pushing through unexpected obstacles as we can all get there bringing to us more wisdom and knowledge.

Inspired to be a born leader Joe resonates his motivation from the 1980 Rocky Scene (Mickey Loves You


“Doing as well as you’re doing gives me motivation to stay alive. I think people die sometimes when they don’t want to live. Little by little we lose, we lose friends, we keep losing and losing. But with you kid. Boy I got a reason to go on and stay alive and watch you and when I leave you, not only will you know how to fight but you will know how to fight and survive outside the ring.”


Joe wants to help and join hands with many just like him, we want to spread the love and deliver it by helping, commuting, directing, producing and exposing talent within TR.


The emphasis is to form a unity from all musical genres. With 9% of the population signed, it is our desire to make TalentRaters the most prestige number one Executive Talent Search in the world. Having the right investors will enable a more productive approach. TR will fill positions properly as the business needs more staff and a successful team to accomplish TR’s mission and concept.


Individuals that can step outside the box and bring poetry to life with any form of music are unique. All musicians have their own distinct style and their own story. Why not share their love and their story in a mission bringing nations together forming a global unity? Musicians and artists leave a legacy with music, so why not embrace everybody instead of only 9%. We are all children of God, blessed in a unique way. Everybody listens to music and that’s the beauty of it. Music makes history. 

Joe states, “My mission is not about ME but for others like ME. I will do this I will push myself. It’s not about my past, it’s about NOW!  I want everybody that has a dream to fulfill my dreams of when I wanted it but couldn’t! I want everybody else to be what THEY WANT TO BE and that’s a star to everybody! 

Interested Investors please contact us at: 1-856-566-5147 office and 1-856-261-0329 and email us at info@talentraters.com

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