The Astonishing Jenny B. Unveiled

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Hello to all my favorite TR magazine lovers if you have yet to listen to the vocals of Jenny Blain Gostan also known by her stage name Jenny B. You need to hear her enchaining voice. If you haven’t then you’re unquestionably missing out. Watching her perform is proof enough that you need to search her and watch her immediately. Her single is dropping on iTunes this spring by her band Better Royals, followed by a full record premiering as well and a record Premiere release party in New York City. I listened to Jenny B. singing for about thirty seconds and fell madly in love with her amazing vocal sound. I immediately became a fan of Jenny’s not only because of her voice but her as a person. She is an astounding woman I immediately knew that Jenny was made for extraordinary things and that deserves her remarkable future I know she is destined for.

Jenny B. was born to be a star, from a young age she began singing with her grandfather as a toddler and at the age of eight Jenny, she began acting and singing at The Lynn Britt School of The Arts, studying classical and opera singing styles until the age of sixteen.  Jenny is not only a vocalist but an actress as well, though she told us that singing is her favorite of the two. She told us she loves foreign films of all kinds and movies, in general, she also said she is obsessed with the entertainment Industry and adores watching movies and performing in them.

Jenny B. is a pop-rock vocalist though her rare talent allows her to sing just about anything she is also an actress. Jenny has no trouble getting into character, she can think from there perspectives and become the embodiment of the characters she plays. Jenny B. told us her goal is to continue working in the industry of films and music and creating more soundtracks. We at TR Magazine want to thank Jenny B. for becoming a part of the TR world welcome to the family Jenny. We look forward to seeing your career soar.

By Fonda J. Kerr

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