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Al (Alfonso) Navarez Jr. has been playing guitar since he was 13 years old and wrote is first song at 17 in his junior year of high school.  Al’s strength is in his song writing which comes naturally for him.  Aside from making music, Al is a Private Pilot and an Architect so flying and Drawing are his passions. He also likes to scuba diving when he gets the chance and loves to spend hours listening to the Beatles.

Al states “After I write my third song, it seemed to get easier and easier and that’s when I started too think seriously about a career in music.  Al attributes getting his break to meeting his manager, David Thorton, and then later meeting Clay Dustin of Clay Dustin Public Relations-Promotions and Sports Entertainment who signed a contract with him.

Some of Al’s songs include:

  • As One (Monica’s Song)
  • Love You To Love Me
  • It’s Love
  • My Life

These songs can all be purchased at iTunes also.  Al considers his greatest achievement to be putting an entire album together of all his original music. “I have many influences, artists of all styles of music, but I have to say that after listening to the Beatles for the first time, that’s when I knew I wanted to learn how to play guitar. I also like music from the Eagles, George Strait, just to mention a few.”  Al would gladly welcome the chance to play at Madison Square Garden one day also.

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