Car Loving Pediatrician, Dr. Mitch Hamza Gives TR Magazine Exclusive Interview

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Dr. Mitch Hamza, born March 27, 1962 in Alexandria, Egypt, graduated from the University of Alexandria specializing in pediatric and adolescent medicine. Dr. Hamza owns a private practice in Toms River, New Jersey and is described by his patients as “the cool doc”. Dr. Hamza lives in Toms River with his wife and has one son who is 24-years-old.

Each day before heading to the office to see patients, Dr. Hamza has his “mental massage” by heading to his other business, The Custom Shop at Car Wash and Beyond. He spends 5 days a week in his private practice, Bayshore Pediatrics and 7 days a week at The Custom Shop at Car Wash and Beyond. He runs to The Custom Shop before work every day for a few hours and then rushes to his pediatric office where he changes in to his suit and tie.

Dr. Hamza specializes in auto restyling, graphics, fiberglass reapplication and vinyl wrap. TalentRaters asked Dr. Hamza what his favorite kind of designs to work on were, to which Dr. Hamza answered spaceships and anything Star Wars related, adding that Mad Max designs would be his least favorite designs.

TalentRaters wanted to know, what inspired Dr. Hamza to make the move from Egypt to United States 30-years-ago, he said that he was inspired by American made cars he would see in movies and wanted to move here to start up his own business, which he did and has owned for the past 20 years.

Dr. Hamza says that while other doctors get off work and play golf, he gets off work at the office and “plays cars”. If you are in the area and would like a new look to your car, The Custom Shop at Car Wash and Beyond is the place to go!

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by Courtney Gadry

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