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Artists and talents are also encouraged to complete their profiles making themselves more eligible for hiring opportunities and we also suggest creating HD picture albums as the pictures from them will automatically be featured in our elegant picture pop up slide show gallery located at the bottom of the page at

Unlike other online entertainment sites, our digital medium is focused on music and the arts and welcoming countless artists and talents to present their gifts to the world while developing their skills and improving their productions. Know more about TalentRaters®. Our expanding collection of user-submitted videos involves various genres of music and categories of entertainment. Based in New Jersey, our team welcomes talented singers and musicians from Washington, California, New York, New Jersey, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and other locations in the U.S.A. and abroad to join, and post their videos, get voted on by fellow artists, and so much more.

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Artists interested in an opportunity to be featured in TR (TalentRaters) MAGAZINE, please COMPLETE THE TR TALENT QUESTIONNAIRE and carefully READ THE TR MAGAZINE INSTRUCTIONS.
For those of you that will be featured on the front or back covers of TR MAGAZINE, please download and complete the following TR Cover Agreement.
Please be aware that we are looking to feature you professional and celebrity artists and talents that have high resolution images at 300 DPI and professional/high quality videos and songs to include in your online publications. If you do not own your photos, then a TR MAGAZINE PHOTOGRAPHER RELEASE must be completed and signed by your photographer(s) and submitted to TalentRaters with your completed TR Talent Questionnaire, photos, videos, and song links. We are also looking for your hot topics and compelling stories to write about. TR MAGAZINE is offered in both online and print FORMATS and artists and talents selected for this opportunity are selected among the best in the world. Please submit your completed talent questionnaire and high resolution 300 DPI photos along with your high quality video and song links below in the TR messaging area or directly to